Under Bridge Platforms: Separation System

postheadericon Separation System

Hydraulically adjustable cross linking arms, between the main outside vertical Tower and the Turntable Sub Frame, mounted on the Truck or Trailer.

When the platform is erected it allows the operators to adjust and move the outside Tower in towards the bridge Fascia or extend out over obstacles without moving or repositioning the Truck or Trailer on the bridge deck.

Allows operators to erect and extend the Tower and the Platform over pedestrian sidewalks and or other barriers without restricting the Under Bridge Operations, by simply opening up the Tower Separation System.

Crossover Access to the Tower and Platform remain horizontal, when operating the Tower Separation System, maintaining safe personnel access to the Tower and Platform.

Platform position under the bridge and the Platform Depth are not affected by the operation of the Tower Separation System.

Operations on the Bridge Fascia can proceed regardless of obstacles, such as, pipes or cables attached to the fascia of the bridge by simply operating the Tower Separation System in or out to clear such obstacles.


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